Luwes Creme D’escargot (Snail Cream) 15 mL Wrinkle Care + Whitening

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Snail Fillet – Daging Bekicot ‘A’ Quality

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Snail with shell / Bekicot Hidup

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Natural Snail Mucus / Lendir Bekicot

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LUWES FOOD / エスカルゴ

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Luwesシーフードは世界の他の国に、冷凍冷蔵、ライブや缶詰水産物の広い範囲をエクスポートし、インドネシアの漁業代理店会社です。 我々はまた、冷凍·缶詰の​​両方の果物や野菜を持っている。 私たちは、インドネシアや東南アジアの国々で数多くのシーフードの生産者と連携し、取引先の仕様を顧客のニーズにマッチ。 私たちの主な市場はアメリカ、ヨーロッパ、アジアおよび南アフリカの米国であり、我々は、インドネシアやアジアからの食品の様々な種類を輸入いくつかの企業を表しています。

Luwes Food is a Farm, which since 2009 is successfully breeding African snails and providing trainings in this field.

Luwes Food Company, whose headquarter is in Indonesia, Sragen and Bojonegoro, is the undisputed leader in the Indonesian and foreign markets. After several years of successful business in the breeding, selection and processing of snails, we are able to offer you a wide range of products including snail’s eggs and cream with snail slime.

The experience gained during this period supported by good organization and properly equipped manufacturing facility allows us to offer the following range of products.

Edible varieties sold and applicable in catering fall into two families:
– family Helicidae, type Helix,
– Achatinidae family, the type of Achatina.

Ways to create favorable conditions for breeding edible snails:

– From snails maternal – breeders;
– From young generation (suckling) – small snails, whose age does not exceed 10 days;

Today we conduct farm in 2.5 hectares (1 hectare farm parks outside of an automatic sprinkler system) plus a fully mechanized buildings for production of snails (800 sq m). At the end of 2015, we extended the buildings for the purpose of reproduction for a further 3,000 sq m under roof for the purpose of production of adolescents (suckling) for the whole of Europe. The entire infrastructure will be prepared at 1.5 million units of the female herd – stallions and brood at the level of 800 tonnes of production.

Wholesale Offer ( clean one, alive snails, and sleeping snails ):

1. Snails Meat In a Brine Water – Daging Bekicot

  • Fresh snail meat, available for the whole year.
  • Clean snails, boiled in a brine, quick-frozen.
  • The bowels were carefully removed, according to the French regulations, leaving only the liver.
  • Ingredients: Snails from our farm, water, salt, dried vegetables mix, including celery.
    Storage conditions: Temperature 4-25˚C.
    • Product Name Count Price ( USD )(470gr) Price per Kg
      Very Extra Large Snails- 6DZ 72-80  2.95 6.5
      Very Large Snails – 8 DZ 96-108  2.55 5.4
      Large Snails – 10 DZ 120-130  1.99 4.2
      Medium Snails – 12 DZ 144-150  1.3 2.8
    • Minimum Order 11000 Kg
    • 20″ Refrigerate, FOB

2. Canned Snails In Brine Water

  • Ingredients: Snails from our farm, water, salt, dried vegetables mix,
    Price on FCL Purchase ( 1100 Cartons, @ 12 Cans ):
    • Drain Weight 470 Gram,  Nett Weight 780 Gram 
    • Count Price USD/CTN Price USD/Can
      6DZ,(72-80 ct/tin) 69.75 5.81
      8 DZ, (96-108 ct/tin) 66.75 5.56
      10 DZ, (120-130 ct/tin) 62.75 5.22
      FOB Indonesia Main Port
      Payment Irrevocable Sight LC, issued by First class bank
      Minimum Order Per Item : 1x 20Ft Container, 1100 Cartons, @ 12 Cans
      Delivery time: Sept 2015
      Shipment: Prompt – subject available of label and carton
      Fyi, we can offer 24/15oz and 24/7oz with various counts. Should you hv any other inquires, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Snail Cream

  • Retail Price Rp. 140 000

4. Snails Achatina fulica – Bekicot Hidup

Snails are cleared / emptied, dried and dormant 17 o C. Packaged in a breathable bag, inserted into non-returnable boxes or shipping cartons.The coatings are hard and wrapped. All snails are fed using natural plant feed.

  • Retail Price = Rp 1000/snail, Minimum 200 Snail

5. Snails Mucus – Lendir Bekicot

Original Snails Mucus Fresh, Lendir Bekicot Asli

Rp. 10 000/ml


6. Kerupuk Bekicot

Bekicot Kering yang di goreng lagi Rp 50 000 per pack , @200 gram


7. Dried Snails – Bekicot Kering

Daging Bekicot yang telah dikeluarkan dari cangkangnya dan di keringkan, cocok untuk pengobatan.

Grade C – Bekicot ukuran Medium dan Small yang dikeringkan Rp 175 000 per Kg

8. Sardine